Finalist of the Broomhill Sculpture Prize

Claudia Borgna

Monday, 26 April 2010

I think I am into this now, so i will keep writing, making up for all the times that i couldn't write and the future times that i won't be able to!

Few days ago I got back in touch with the Berlin gallery owner Charlotte Steg Infantellina. She, like me, is also half Italian and half German. I had a show at hers last year. She is really nice and invited me right away to that evening event: 'Italiens', an exhibition of works by Italian artists living in Berlin and hosted by the Italian embassy. I thought that was nice for a change for Italians to finally engage with youngish artist and to open their doors, risking their so cherished image! The art I did not find of much interest, much more entertaining instead, was to observe the formal Italianate behavior and the people, who like me, probably have never been behind the doors of an embassy sitting room refreshed by a very civilized glass of Italian Spumante and made feel at ease on Italian designed leathery settee.

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