Finalist of the Broomhill Sculpture Prize

Claudia Borgna

Monday, 9 May 2011


The last dram of coal

Right after North Devon I rushed to Wales. Again it was another very interesting and nourishing experience and the sun shining on the glorious landscape made it a very uplifting journey.

So I visited for the first time the Rhondda Heritage Park: an old mining place now a museum.
There I set up a small art work to be part of their upcoming exhibition: 'Inside out' curated by Janet Pennell and organized by 'Up Yer Tree' founded by Wendy and Brian who I all had the pleasure to meet and briefly enjoy their company.
Another video sprang out of this opportunity, I really have enjoyed making it even if the quality of it is very low. I have yet to get the right program for my new posh camcorder that I have bought with the prize money of the Broomhill NSP.  I am Still a bit intimidated by technology and how to work it all out!!......

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