Finalist of the Broomhill Sculpture Prize

Claudia Borgna

Friday, 3 June 2011

Few pics of the work at Fresh Air 2011 at the Quenington Sculpture Gardens


This piece which is titled: 'Everything must go again' it's an evolution of the previous artwork made for Leicester Botanic Gardens called: 'Everything must go' and has be adapted to its new location.

All the he bags have been reclaimed from the piece 'Oasis' made for the Broomhill NSP and now reused for this occasion.

These bags are very special for me not only because they won the NSP public vote but also because they experienced and survived one year of outdoor exposure. Weather and nature have contaminated the bags with the signs of their story and carry green and brown mould marks on their surface to prove their journey.
Somehow the bags now look more natural and could blend into their new surroundings. It took a whole year for the bags to get tinted by nature and for their incorruptible tough skin to surrender to their new brand and keep the label!   



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