Finalist of the Broomhill Sculpture Prize

Claudia Borgna

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


All along I have been residing in Saratoga up in the hills were an heavenly arts center is nestled: The Montalvo Arts Center. This place comes with quite a bit of history, for you to look out and into it....time is clicking too fast for me right now. Since I have finished installing for the Museum of Los Gatos, I went straight into the next project. Right now I am working away on a commission for the Front loan of the Montalvo Villa.

The project is an ambitious one and the community is involved in collecting bags and attending workshops to make the flowers. Initially the idea was to make 1000 flowers made out of plastic bags and wooden branches, but the lack of time and of plastic bags has made me realize that 500 is still a very ambitious task!
The site-specific and temporary installation has been and will be growing in size and number over the month. Every Monday Albert Ochoa, who has been assisting me and lending his precious help to the art, and I plant the flowers that have been created during the week.
The project will culminate on the 28th October for the Montalvo Arts Center Final Friday Event which will also celebrate chef and culinary fellow Andrea Blum Pop Up Cafe'.
I am hoping to be also able to help in creating decoration for Andrea's Cafe' which will pop out of one of the gorgeous rooms in the Montalvo Villa: right by that hollywoodian terrace bridging over to the loan and into the Italian Gardens.

The Workshops take place at the common areas of the LAP every Wednesday from 4 till 7 and Saturday 15th from 9 to 12.
Anybody is welcomed, and should register with Babette McKay via email to join in :

You could also look up:

In the meantime I am posting few pics of the installation so far. The title for it is


Week 1


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