Finalist of the Broomhill Sculpture Prize

Claudia Borgna

Monday, 24 September 2012


Here we go, I have finished preparing the bamboo canes and now I am ready to set them up!
This is a kind of warming up exercise to build the momentum for the final piece in the green house.
I will start with 65 bamboo canes from the sea by the river Prino outlet and then make my way up to the greenhouse with hopefully 1000 bamboo canes.

                                                                                 The first stage of the Bamboo canes itinerary
65 plastic bags attached with fishing line to 65 bamboo canes set by the river mouth Prino. 
The river flows into this beach, it was sad to see the waste piping emerging out tying the river to the sea.

The title for this piece is:
Setting up the piece was altogether a pleasant experience.

I like how the work sprung up so unexpected.  Out of nowhere and sudden, surprising everybody on the beach. Few people openly welcomed and appreciated the novelty. One tourist couple from Milan were very supportive and interested, likewise was another gentleman who kindly recuperated out of the water one of my bags that flew away while another couple was just wacthing from the distance on the other end of the beach. A local fisherman with its kids just passed by trying to ignore what was happening. I am not sure if they were too surprised, intimidated or not interested at all. I was too busy setting up to ask.
I also had to deal with a bit of a problem. When the wind started really picking up it blasted off some of my bags, snapping the string off and making me run all over the beach to chase my bags back for the delight of the restaurant customers across the river who were enjoying a double bill spectacle, quite an entertainment! Another lesson learned though the type of fishing line I used to secure the bags was too thin.

I was a bit disappointed that the images don't fully represent the poetic beauty of the work. The sun was too bright to take better pictures and because of that troubling fishing line that was letting me down. I could not leave my work until sunset time when the light would have been better.
Hopefully the video footage I took will be better!

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