Finalist of the Broomhill Sculpture Prize

Claudia Borgna

Monday, 24 September 2012


After so many hours of thoughts and rivers of words, now it's time for the facts!
I feel already scared and overwhelmed by the prospect of a possible failure but confide in the excitement and in the 'adrenalinic' vision to create something good. From personal experience I know the great beneficial impact that artists' residency programmes had on my art making process as well as on my growth as a person and an artist.

Still I cannot help to wonder:
Will our resources: passion and land, be enough?
Will our intentions find a fertile ground?
Will Casa didun make an impact on a resiliant community?
Will anybody support our venture? 

Can art help us to re-acknowledge the worth of nature and convince us to invest our love back into its 'heavenly' fruits including ourselves?

In my periods of doubts, when not much seems to make sense and even art appears to be trivial, I find comfort in the thought of becoming a farmer.
That lulling image feels like a refuge to me. In that sanctuary I feel protected, a happy self sufficient farmer that lives off the land and off the fulfillment that comes to be nature's closest collaborator.

I see my self as a farmer that seeds and harvest the land even if I am just making art!

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