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Claudia Borgna

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Hello everyone!

This is my very first blog EVER! How embarrassing is that!!
Anyways...Happy Easter everyone!...I am starting mine in ten minutes, after I finish writing this.
I will be cooking a nice easter meal and have some wine too as a treat for making art all the time...that is the best part really!!! The art and the TREAT!

The past week I have been taking my work down, from my last show at the Rea Garden in Birmingham were I have just finished attending a three month residency

here are a couple of unedited pics, I was told that 483 visitors came to see the show in just 2 weeks, WOW, I was impressed and flattered, still nobody has yet seen the images, I have taken of my work....

The piece is titled: "Shipwrecked: my life for a bag" and the 500 bags hanging from the sky that you can see in the picture contain water.
Anyway the task for the past few rainy days has been to dry the plastic bags as I recycle the very same ones over and over into new art works.
As usual it is race against time as i will need them for my next group show at Burghley House next week.

I will post a picture of how they bags look now soon.

got to rush for my treat


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