Finalist of the Broomhill Sculpture Prize

Claudia Borgna

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Good morning everyone,

I have just arrived in Berlin after a crazy time drying all my bags and making and setting up a new work at Burghley House in Stamford. Stamford is a really special town, everyone should make a trip there. This little jewel is set admits enchanting countryside. Burghley house is even more impressive: A grandiose Elizabethan palace is surrounded by extensive grounds with dears and sheep all over and a manicured park with romantic gardens.

In a section of these gardens a selection of sculptures are on show until November. Some are permanent but most are not. The show is curated by Mike Shaw and I think he has done an excellent job creating a very interesting sculpture garden.
My great challenge in this occasion is to leave my ephemeral work outdoor for more than 4 months. But I had to come to terms than i can only have control to a limited and certain extend.
so I should just relax and observe the process of transformation that will inevitably occur in those months. Hopefully Mike and Anthony (Mike's Shaw assistant) will document those change and forward them to me while I am in Canada for my next residency.

Here are some pics of the installation.

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  1. love the plastic bags over the plastic bags to protect them! excellent!