Finalist of the Broomhill Sculpture Prize

Claudia Borgna

Sunday, 20 February 2011


.....Anyways I just came back from Marfa, Texas. I went for a little adventure in the desert and to see what inspired Donald Judd. It was an amazing experience. The landscape and the atmosphere of this little town not far from the Mexican border and in the middle of the desert on top of a plateaux filled only by the sky waiting to b caressed by the winds and scratched by the dust.
I stayed at El Cosmico a hand crafted and arty camping site where you can rent a vintage trailer, a tipi or the most economical option: a very luxurious yurt. I just love it!
My greyhound trip there was even more amazing despite the LOOOONG delays and even longer waiting hours that kind of spoiled the magic........I just cannot get over how of the mumble jumble of people are all mingling and gathered all in one place, travelling under one roof with their reasons and their stories. Sometimes I wish I was a writer or a photographer to record the loss of this society and it's effect of humans.

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