Finalist of the Broomhill Sculpture Prize

Claudia Borgna

Sunday, 9 September 2012


So, as you all know, I have just started working in my new space.  How very exciting: a new residency adventure! I have very ambitious plans! All fingers crossed for that!
I do believe though that the green house demands an ambitious artwork, not just for it's magnificent size. I think it requires an ambitious artwork to especially celebrate Giacomo, and to mirror the spirit of his working grandeur. Giacomo has been and still is an inspiring personality that has guided Monica through her life and indirectly mine as well. Hopefully Sophie and Tea, the younger generation, will also find their stimulus in nature and grow into keen land lovers and not Land Rovers! Hopefully they will be motivated to do their best to improve their environments, making up for what we and the history of italian economic and political events have failed them with.
Sadly Tea and Sophie never met their grandfather Giacomo. I am hoping that engaging them with my art work could contribute to transmit the feel of what their grandfather's work was about and pass on his attitude towards life and nature.
I certainly have noticed signs for a promising start: recently Sophie went to the local grocery store for ice cream but then opted for a fresh and juicy cucumber instead! Cucumbers are what she sees Franco growing in their vegetable garden!
Another surprise was to see, both Tea and Sophie, choose 'grissini' as prize for a game they played at the fun fair.
After winning the prize they could choose between either a box of 'grissini' (italian breadsticks) or a doll-puppet. They both went for 'grissini'! No hesitation as so ever!
Very wise of them, I thought! They priorities are definitely clear!

To materialize a strong art piece (even if ephemeral), while at Casa Didun, will hopefully and finally convince the local administration and authorities that contemporary art deserves attentions from their part too.
It is important to make them realize that contemporary art is a concrete tool for the betterment of the community. Active participation and not just lethargic indifference, has definitely become a necessity.

Sometimes I wonder if the role of Italy should not just be to preserve its huge ancient historical, artistic and cultural treasures. That in its self requires a great deal of dedication and investments.
Maybe in the end that is all Italy is capable of and feasibly able to manage: maintenance. Excel in maintaining in order to offer to the world this unique invaluable capital. Still I like to think that it is vital to creatively interweave and intervene into that overwhelming historic past: to knit fresh wide ranges of interpretations into the local realities. To raise an awareness on how their role and inputs affect and are affected by modern global culture.
I strongly feel that Italy needs a stimulant to boost some sort of involvement from what has become a lethargic individualistic society. An italian phenomenon that holds no humble nor generous tangible role models.
What better than art could make such arousal happen?
What better way to revive interest for social matters that can lead to understand that social, cultural, political models are not standardized replicas and therefore cannot be imported nor copied from foreigners formats?
I often wonder if the anglo-saxon political systems are suitable for the mediterranean cultural DNA. I wonder if it wouldn't be more beneficial to create a tailor made social-political system: an italian personal formula based on its own unique circumstances. Wouldn't it be great to be able to enjoy the development of italian local heritages constructively interlaced into the global world?
I sometimes feel that Italy has been acquiring all the bad stuff while loosing all its good ones! BAD CHOICE I say! At least get read of the bad and keep the good. Or, import the good without adopting the bad! Don't you think it makes more sense than to create such pointless mish mash?
Yes, I know: that chaotic mish mash mirrors the unorganized flow of the unpredictable organicity of life, but for instance, isn't agriculture one of the main points to dwell on? Not only it is one of italian strongest and most beautiful cultural aspects and certainly the pillar of culinary flavours that enhance the world's palate, but also the source of our spiritual well being, definitely of our health and not just in terms of economics!
Why, despite such amazing heritage so tightly linked to the land, Nature in Italy is still not respected and even less protected? Why such ungrateful negligence?  Why such lack of education and of sensibility?
A drowsy sleepy sensibility has pervaded a Country where creativity and art have been cultural highlights for the world. Maybe that same sleepy sensibility is dormant under the paralyzing torpor of Italian's bureaucratic architecture!
Why has art, in its renewed contemporary forms, lost its purpose? Why Italians have not been able to rediscover the new daily functions of art? How dull has their enjoyment for life become?
Art and Agriculture share many beautiful and fundamental values and similarities but both seem to have been washed away by some other daily life tasks.
For sure many of the contadini of Dolcedo come across as spiritually more fulfilled and definitely less miserable than the rest of us!
Ciao e buona giornata!

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