Finalist of the Broomhill Sculpture Prize

Claudia Borgna

Sunday, 9 September 2012


Here is a quick pic of my start at Casa Didun. A kind of warming up exercise. For this I have started collecting bamboo canes from the river's bank. In that section where the water laps against Monica's land.
Bamboo cane already present themselves with a very controversial issue.
Here in Dolcedo the canes flourish all along the 'torrente Prino'. Lush and green, they are another source of beauty whilst exotically framing the river. All is very well in summer but when autumn with its rainy season comes, the bamboos  turn into disastrous weapons. Rain and water organize the sticks into strong intricate constructions that block the river's flow into the sea by forming uncontrollable little dams that flood the land and the nearby villages.

In the past, in order to avoid these floods that were damaging the crops and the inhabitant homes, it had always been part of the 'contadini' seasonal routine to prune the bamboo sticks just before autumn.
The bamboos were never wasted because very useful tools for farming and for growing produce.
In a way there was a consensual and mutual deal between land and farmers. Today this has become a more complicated scenario. Some land owners don't even bother trimming them at all, others cut them off in the wrong seasons for their own interests and environmentalists would rather have them undisturbed and untouched to protect the natural habitats that these small bamboo cane forests provide.

I now have decided to be an old fashioned farmer and to prune them before the rainy season starts, and to use them for my art projects!

As much as I respect all environmentalists, I think that flooding would equally destroy and change the chemistry of those natural habitats. Many of the colonies that inhabit those environments are also as seasonal and therefore always welcome to be back in springtime when the bamboo canes are back in their most generous splendour!

PS: Still I am aware that by doing so I will inevitably disturb and interfere with some micro environment nestling in the bamboos. Once again I am back to zero. Back to were human kind's dilemma starts and becomes controversial.

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